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Healthcare , Waste management,  Emergency Operation Plans , & Business Continuity Plans 

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Healthcare Consulting

Hospital and Healthcare Consulting for support service.  Quince Consulting will help you to resolve cleaning issues, services delivery issues relative to patient access issues, internal & external patient transportation issues, and Food & Nutrition issues. In today's competitive environment and in particular in the healthcare industry, the patient survey can make or break your company's image. Quince Consulting can help you resolve those concerns.

Waste Management

Quince Consulting has waste management expertise to help you reduce and manage your waste stream.  We have expertise in solid waste, recycling, bio-hazardous waste and waste stream management equipment, and supplies.

Emergency Operations Planning and Business Continuity Planning

Quince Consulting offers Emergency & Business Continuity planning. Quince Consulting (QC) can develop your written EOP or Business Continuity plans so that your agency or business can be prepared for any emergency or business interruption.